A. Participation Requirements

To participate in the 2024 UK You Be The Chemist Challenge® cycle, participants must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a student in Year 6-9 and must not pass beyond Year 9 before April 1, 2023. An academic classification for the participant above Year 9 must not have been declared to any entity for any purpose by the participant, their parent/guardian, or a school official acting on the participant’s behalf.

2. Not have reached the age of 15 before July 1, 2023.

3. Not compete in a Challenge competition in which their parent, legal guardian, or other family member is a Challenge Organizer, Judge, or moderator.

4. Participate as part of a team of three or four at all rounds of competition.

5. Not have been declared a National Challenge competition first-place winning team member.

Any participant not in compliance with any of the eligibility requirements above shall be disqualified. Disqualified participants shall be required to forfeit prizes, titles, and any benefits awarded to the participant as a result of his/her participation in the Challenge.


B. Team Substitutions

Teams may update their roster before participating in a Challenge or creating their video. If changes in team compositions occur after al Challenge or creating the video, the following team substitution rules apply:

If a member of a team is no longer able to participate, teams may substitute a new team member. In order to serve as a sub, the student must meet the following criteria:

1. Adhere to the participation requirements

2. Participate in the Regional Challenge and/or the video component either with their original team or the new team

Please note, substitutes may not participate if they do not meet the above requirements. Substitutes cannot attend the National Challenge if they did not participate in a Regional Challenge or the video component.


C. Study Materials & Content

Study materials and supporting information for participants are available on our website. Participants are encouraged to review these study materials, including the periodic table, to prepare for each level of the Challenge competition. Participants should review the information on the periodic table and be familiar with using the periodic table to determine additional information about an element or a set of elements.

Our official partner CEF provides all competition questions and corresponding answers for all levels of competition. Challenge competition questions are largely derived from information contained in CEF’s study materials but are not limited to this information. Questions are based on an overall understanding of chemistry, general science concepts, and the relationships among various concepts.

Study materials and competition questions and answers are the intellectual property of CEF, and any copyright notices displayed on the materials and content shall not be removed. The study materials and competition questions may not be altered or reordered. Questions and answers are to be used only for competitions and are not to be distributed for any other reason. Improper use of Challenge competition questions or content is grounds for disqualification of a single participant or Challenge event.


D. Format

Team scores will be calculated after the Challenge has ended.

The event will follow the format below:


Number of Questions


Round 1



Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


 A break will follow each round.

For further information, please contact us at info@youbethechemist.co.uk